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Weather report for snow on channel four, The Polar Express on channel eleven, Charlie Brown showing on thirteen; my TV is just on full holiday mode today. Nonchalantly, I stared straight ahead at the screen as my finger aimlessly pressed the same button on the remote. Through my peripheral, I could see a flash of black as Rivaille threw his dark blazer over his shoulder.

“I’m leaving now.” He called out.

“Okay.” I replied, never taking my eyes off the screen. He paused mid-step and spoke again.

“I’ll be staying out pretty late tonight.”

“Alright. Just call me when you get home.” I muttered and lazily flipped through a few more channels. His footsteps to the entrance were heavy as he stomped over to put his shoes on. It was easy enough to tell that he was clearly ticked off at my lack of attention.

The show transitioned into a commercial advertising the new Christmas scents for Febreeze and I quietly laughed to myself as Rivaille stumbled in the middle of putting on his shoes and hopped around the front of the doorway before steadying himself with the wall.

I peeked over the top of the sofa with a smirk and he dismissed me with an uninterested glance.

He finished up with his shoes and his fingers lingered over the door knob as he turned to stare at me again.

“I’m really leaving now.” He warned and I took it as my cue to walk over to him.

“Bye bye, Rivaille!” I waved with a cheeky smile as he scoffed and pulled me over by my waist.

“Don’t you have something to say to me?” He mumbled and I sucked in a shocked breath as his nose brushed over the light purple mark that formed on the base of my neck.

“Yes, of course I do.” I assured him as I stepped back and placed my hands on his shoulder. My eyebrows furrowed together and I looked at him with a serious stare of my own. “Have a nice trip, sir. I’ll be sure to eat your share of Christmas cookies.”

With a frustrated groan, Rivaille pushed me away and headed straight out the door while I was left behind with a sore butt.

Hastily, I ran out the door after him before he could make it to the elevators. Under my thin t-shirt, my skin crawled as the temperature dropped sharply out in the corridor. The heating system was experiencing “technical malfunctions” the security guard had told me but Rivaille rolled his eyes and scoffed. He told me that they gave this excuse every year but in reality, they’re just too cheap to turn it up.

“Bye Rivaille, I love you!” I shouted just as the elevator door opened. He didn’t turn around to acknowledge me but I could vaguely hear a soft “I love you too” whispered from his direction.

I smiled to myself as I trembled the whole way back, barefoot. If he saw my lack of shoes, he would probably call me an idiot and walk me all the way back into our flat while lecturing me the whole way about the germs on the ground or something.

The first place I headed for right as I stepped back in was the storage closet that Rivaille never went into nor bothered to care about. The plain cardboard box was still neatly taped and placed near the side of the room like I had left it last week. The clear packing tape was snipped apart with a pair of scissors that I found in there and the contents were gathered up in my arms as I walked back to my room.

With newfound excitement, I stripped off the shirt and sweats that I had on and pulled the soft black material over my head. Complete with short puffy sleeves, white stockings, headdress, and a corset back, was the maid outfit that I ordered online a couple weeks back. Of course I have a logical explanation for this. If the heavily decorated tree in the living and the white flurry of snow outside wasn’t enough of an indicator already, today was obviously Christmas Day also known as Rivaille’s birthday.

It took a lot of poking around the office before Hanji finally burst into the office a month ago and announced that Rivaille’s birthday was on Christmas. She was drunk that day so it wasn’t a totally reliable source but from the looks of Petra, Auruo, Gunther, and Erd, it seems as if this was indeed a true fact. It was a head scratcher to have to think of what to get him and cleaning products were way too clichéd. He probably received those every single year and his subscription to the Swiffer website already tells him about the latest deals and such so he’s good in that department.

However, it seems like Petra and co. have a tradition where they go out drinking on the twenty-third with Rivaille to celebrate, right before most of them leave out of town, so they don’t need to think of a present there. Surprisingly, the man had quite a high tolerance for alcohol as he had came home looking totally fine and demand that I wash the leftover dishes like he always had. Petra told Eren and I that Rivaille is the one who usually drinks the most earlier that day.

Somehow I was able to connect his passion for cleaning with a present that did not involve me having to hide five tubs of Windex in the closet, much thanks to the ad for a maid cleaning service that was left on Erwin’s desk among the other papers strewn about his desk. I guess even the most successful of businessmen needs a clean house too.

Conveniently, Rivaille’s computer at work was somehow “hacked” by an unknown source and seventy percent of his files were messed with. So it’s Christmas morning and he has to leave first thing and work with the IT guy to fix the issue. Which, lucky for me, got him out of the house while I prepared his present. Really, it was just me cleaning the whole house and baking him a cake.

Like a little girl in a new dress, I took a couple of twirls and collapsed on the bed. Talking about cleaning the whole house is one thing, but when it really boils down to it, the determined feel that I previously had was all gone. I think Rivaille spoiled me too much by taking care of all the cleaning chores at home.

Knowing that he could be home at any given time, I reluctantly pushed myself up to get a start on this.
Dusting and mopping took up the longest time but it wasn’t too bad as I peacefully hummed Christmas songs with the mop clutched in hand. Sadly, fun mop time did not last long as the doorbell had me scrambling around. It was a delivery boy with a package in hand though I’m pretty sure that I haven’t ordered anything recently.

I looked down at my current outfit and decided that it would be quite hard to explain why I’m home alone in a maid costume on Christmas Day. As I paced around, I noticed a bundle of red lying on the sofa.

“Close enough.” I muttered as I threw the fluffy blanket over myself. Now I look like any other lazy adult on her day off.

“Hello! Are you er…Miss Rivaille?” The guy asked. He was tall and held an innocent boyish face. Light brown freckles were scattered across his cheeks.

“Oh no, he’s my boyfriend. Is the package for him?”

“Yes it is, now if you would please sign here…” He, his name tag said Marco, handed me a pale blue piece of paper with a line on the bottom for the signature. I moved slowly, careful not to let the blanket slip.

“You guys deliver on Christmas Day too?” I asked him in an attempt to make some small talk while I signed.

“Yes we do! Trost delivery services delivers whether rain or shine! The calendar will not stop us from our job!” He announced with such passion that I had to stare at the guy for a while to see if he was actually serious.

“Wow. Sounds difficult.”

He shrugged and gave me a smile so bright I felt the need to squint away from the light.

“Not really. I love my job and I get to meet a lot of new people too!”

“I guess it’s fine if you like your job so much. Here, I signed it.” I handed him the paper and the pen as he quickly checked it over.

“Alright, here’s the package. Have a nice evening, ma’am.”

“You too and happy holidays!”

He smiled again as he handed me the large box and left with a tip of his hat. I shuffled back in and bent down to place the box down as something fell.

“Shit.” I whispered. It was the lacy white headdress. If that doesn’t look awkward paired up with the blanket then I don’t know what is.
Chocolate was my best bet for cake. I wasn’t too sure about Rivaille’s tastes but something tells me that he secretly has a sweet tooth.

My phone rang just as I preheated the oven.


“Hey, what are you doing right now?” Rivaille’s voice rang clear and tired on the other end.

“Nothing much, just watching some TV.” I lied.

“I’m going to be late so if you’re hungry then eat without me.”

“Okay, I will.”

He lingered there for a bit longer without saying anything at all until the oven beeped.

“What was that?”

“Uh…” I panicked and cooked up the best lie that I had. “Someone kid got ran over by a reindeer in this one show…”

“Sure. I’ll see you later then.”

“See you.” I ended the call and ran over to the oven with the cake pan in hand and coughed as the sudden wave of heat from the oven hit me right on the face.
It was when the clock struck ten-fifty that I got fidgety. The day’s almost over but Rivaille still wasn’t home. At this rate, he’s going to miss his birthday!

I found myself stretched out on the same sofa as earlier and flipped through the channels once more.

“Reruns, reruns, and more reruns…” I sighed as Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer played for at least the umpteenth time today. The slim, black remote clattered to the ground as I brought my phone up to check it. Still no calls.

Promptly at eleven o’clock, the lock clicked and I sat straight up. The door unlocked just as I ran for the entrance.

“Welcome home, Rivaille.” I greeted and the poor guy seriously looked around to make sure that he didn’t step into the wrong house, albeit with his signature stony expression. Cautiously, he removed his shoes but his eyes never left mine.

“I’ve cleaned the entire place. Every little nook and cranny.” I proudly announced as I fingered the edge of my dress.

“Hmm.” He hummed in approval as he caught my hand and leaned in closer.

“Good, you’ve been learning, huh.” He whispered as one hand snuck around my waist while the other hooked under my thigh and guided it around his hip. “I suppose I’ll go unwrap my present now.”

I yelped and held onto his shoulders while he wrapped my other leg around him and carried me off into our room.

He tossed me roughly onto the bed right before he loosened his tie.

“So this is what you’ve been up to all day.” He breathed out and hovered above me while his fingers snuck downwards and fixed itself on the edges of my stockings.

“Of course. You thought that I wouldn’t do anything for you on your special day?”

The sound of fabric ripping was my answer as two strips of white stocking flew to the ground like used confetti.

“Hey, I liked those stockings…” I whined as I looked at the useless heap of white on the floor.

“It looks better on the floor anyways.” He commented as he caught my lips in a kiss before I could complain further. I felt my face heat up as his fingers traced lazy circles up and down my thigh while he kissed and nipped my exposed shoulders.

“Wait.” I stopped him as I realized something important. “What time is it?”

“Nearly eleven-thirty. Why?”

“Ah! There’s no time! We have to eat the cake first before midnight comes!”

He growled as I pushed him away and ran into the kitchen to fetch a slice of cake.
“Here, say ahh!” I teasingly coaxed while he wriggled around with me straddling his lap.

“Like hell I will. Eat your own damn cake.” He grumbled as he looked away but the tips of his ears were reddening.

“Ehh, but that’s not the way it works! The birthday boy gets first bite.”

“Fine, but you’re eating it with me.” He ordered as he opened his mouth. “Ah.”

Cheerfully, I stuck the fork full of chocolate cake into his mouth and he watched me as I put the fork down on the plate with a mischievous glint.

“Wait, Riva-mmph!”

His lips roughly clashed onto mine and forced it open with his tongue as he snuck a piece of cake in. The corset was slowly becoming undone by his fingers we shared the chocolate-filled kiss.

“I have a present for you.” He mumbled as he reached over to pull a present out from the small table beside the bed.

Behind the blue penguin wrapping was a copy of (game) that I’ve been eyeing for a while.

“How did you know I wanted this!?”

“I’d have to be blind to not notice you scrolling through the website for this every time you get on the computer.”

“Thank you!” I told him and pecked his cheek. “I, uh, kind of have another present for you too? Hold on for a sec.”

Despite my slightly disheveled outfit that I hadn’t bothered to fix, I ran into the closet to grab the second “present”.

“Here.” I held out a coupon for half-off air fresheners and his face brightened.

“Thanks.” He replied and pulled me back onto his lap. It wouldn’t kill to not let him know that I had actually picked the coupon off the ground while grocery shopping last week…He seemed to like the gift anyways.

“Merry Christmas, Rivaille, and Happy Birthday.”

He leaned in to steal another chocolate-laced kiss and finished loosening up the corset as the cake and presents laid there, forgotten.

“Hm. Merry Christmas.”
***Edit****: Sorry for the confusion but it seems like the description I typed up didn't save and instead it ended up as "1" there will not be a part two (Sorry)! 

Uhh...well this is I guess I'll just try to retype everything that I had...

XD So was a present for Levi's Birthday~~ Merry Christmas everyone! 

I think you could treat this as a somewhat spinoff in the future of My Boss' Secret (And while writing this, I came up with some major plot point so you can look forward to seeing Marco back in the main story soon~)

Happy Holidays~ :iconsatoshipeaceplz:
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WHY MUST EVERYTHING INCLUDE MY WEAKNESS *screams and rolls off a cliff*
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